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gmg systems parking technology


Using powerful embedded computers and LINUX® operating system allows GMG Systems to offer many innovative features that are not common for the parking industry. Our goal is to make operating a parking facility a simple, intuitive process and to provide the garage management and the patrons with as much useful and helpful features as possible.

Built-in image processing and video capabilities in all system components.

  • The APP3000 parking management system associates every car entry and exit with a picture snapshot.
  • The images are displayed on demand in the usage activity reports very useful feature when tracking a single card or ticket.
  • Upon processing a ticket the APP3400 Fee Computer automatically retrieves the picture snapshot taken at the garage entrance and shows it to the cashier for verifying the vehicle and driver information.
  • The video stream can be used for surveillance purposes eliminating the need of costly coaxial cabling through the entire parking facility. In case of an Internet connection to the APP3900 system server, the surveillance video is also transmitted over the Internet.

Built-in real time speech synthesis and audio playback capabilities in all system components.

  • All APP3000 system components provide the patron with audio instructions during normal operation or in case of unusual events.
  • All system components support real time speech synthesis and can play text messages distributed by the system server.
  • This makes possible playing custom messages for a particular patron. For example saying a monthly patron's name when
    entering/exiting the garage, reminding the monthly patron when a payment due is coming, and even saying customized happy birthday wishes and playing music. Such features dramatically improve the garage appearance and put a personal touch in the patrons' overall parking experience.

Web-based user interface and remote management.

  • APP3000 provides a native web-based user interface (like in on-line banking) for all administration, management, reporting and revenue auditing.
  • Therefore all system functionality is directly available through a secure remote connection to the system server (through modem, DSL, Wireless, etc.). This includes monitoring the garage occupancy, system alarms, lanes activities, running statistical and revenue reports, etc.
  • Working from a remote location does not require installing any additional software everything is done through a standard WEB interface using a web browser like Internet Explorer. This allows the garage management to be on top of operation even when far away from the office. All remote connections utilize a 128-bit SSL encryption for protecting the sensitive information.

Integration of multiple parking facilities in a central management location.

The Ethernet TCP/IP communication allows integration in existing small or enterprise networks including wireless and Internet. Connecting the APP3900 system server to Internet allows easy integration of small parking lots into a powerful centralized revenue and access control system which tremendously reduces operational and management cost. APP3000 supports Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection for secure sensitive data transfer.

Powerful access card system.

APP3000 provides a very powerful access card system for implementing individual monthly or group parking.

  • No limit for the number of cardholders or a maximum physical card number.
  • All industry standard proximity card formats are supported and can coexist in a common access system.
  • Anti pass back feature for the monthly parkers.
  • Carpool/group parking with different restriction criteria maximum number of vehicles in the garage, group time restriction criteria, group security access criteria, etc.
  • Unlimited number of groups and number of group criteria.
  • Unlimited numbers of security access levels and time restriction codes for the monthly parkers with easy setup and reporting.
  • Prepay (monthly permit) or pay-as-you-go (debit) card operation with magnetic stripe, proximity or AVI hands free access cards. Automatic credit card billing for cardholder accounts.

Ticket-less credit card entry and exit.

Advanced feature designed for patron convenience and lowering garage operational cost. The patron uses a credit card at entry instead of obtaining a ticket. The same credit card is used to exit the garage. The exit station retrieves when the credit card was used for garage entry, calculates the parking fee and charges the credit card. The machine issues an automatic or manual receipt using fast thermal printer. The exit machine also allows credit card payment for non-paid or overstayed tickets when pay-on-foot garage configuration is utilized.

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