product summary
ticket dispenser
exit station
automatic pay station
credit card only pay station
fee computer
barcode valet fee computer
hotel integration
electronic discount valication encoder
barrier gate operator
management server



  • Designed to work with tickets from the APP3100 entry station, the APP3400 Fee Computer provides automatic fee calculation by simply inserting the ticket into the reader.
  • When located at a garage exit lane, APP3400 processes monthly/access cards as a part of the APP3000 revenue and access control system, eliminating the need for additional equipment.
  • The processed ticket is printed and electronically encoded with all necessary information for automatic garage exit and revenue auditing.
  • 15" touch screen LCD with intuitive user interface and fully customizable layout.
  • Using a powerful POS platform and LINUX® operationg system enables implementing advanced features like real time video and audio processing.

  • Automatic rate calculation or manual transaction key-in.
  • Automatic parking fees calculation for unlimited time period.
  • Unlimited number of rate structures.
  • Unlimited number of discount validations.
  • Accepts payment by cash, credit card, check, charge account and store discount validation coupons.
  • Automatic cash drawer.
  • Unlimited numbers of employees supported. Password and access rights for each employee.
  • Full featured touch screen keyboard for entering alphanumeric information.

  • Built-in easy to read cashier and manager password protected daily reports.
  • On demand detailed reports for past revenue for up to five years back.
  • Built-in vehicle and gate counters reports.
  • Power down time elapsed reporting.
  • Custom forms printing for special situations like lost ticket, insufficient payment funds, etc.

  • Standalone or remote online programming.
  • Prints and magnetically encodes the processed ticket with: machine number, unique transaction number, date and time of payment, validity date and time, payment information, fee rate code, discount rate code, cashier code.
  • Bi-directional ticket transport mechanism.
  • Real time clock with rechargeable backup battery.
  • Capable of reading and writing ISO1, ISO2 and ISO3 magnetic stripe tracks from 75 to 210 bpi; low, medium or high coercivity.
  • Maintenance free thermal printer with custom receipts. Slip printing capability.
  • Electronic or paper journal.
  • Easy for maintenance and service.

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  • Stand alone operation with built in inventory reports.
  • Bar code operation.
  • Valet parking operation.
  • Built-in APP 3900 server capabilities for small parking lots.
  • Contact-less access card processing at exit location.
  • RF access tag processing at exit location.
  • Credit card processing. Ticket-less credit card in/credit card out capability.
  • IC smart card processing.
  • Prepay sale for events and conventions.
  • Advance tickets sale.
  • Monthly permits sale.
  • Built-in surveillance camera.

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