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  • APP3900 provides full control and monitoring of the entire parking facility.
  • The server uses Linux® operating system for higher system security and independent direct control over the system resources.
  • All data is encrypted with the algorithm built in to the server. Utilizes WEB based user interface for daily garage operation which makes it easy to integrate several parking garages at a central management location.
  • Based on powerful Linux® and Java™ technologies which enables implementing advanced features like real time video and audio processing.
  • Collects and securely stores all revenue and activity data in a nonvolatile format for future reporting and auditing.
  • All management and reporting functions are implemented using WEB based user interface. This allows all management daily operations to be performed from a remote location through a secure Internet connection without the need of installing any special software.

  • Supports unlimited number of workstations on a local network or via secure remote connection.
  • Provides extensive array of detailed and summary revenue and statistical reports.
  • Report output export to major database formats, including Microsoft® Excel® and Access.
  • Generates custom report forms matching the corporate office layout.
  • Generates daily summary reports with automatic balancing of all transient and monthly parkers.
  • Provides powerful access card system with:
    • No limit for the number of cardholders or a maximum physical card number.
    • Supports anti pass back feature for the monthly parkers.
    • Carpool/group parking with different restriction criteria maximum number of vehicles in the garage, group time restriction criteria, group security access criteria, etc.
    • Unlimited number of groups and number of group criteria.
    • Unlimited numbers of security access levels and time restriction codes for the monthly parkers with easy setup and reporting.
    • Prepay (monthly permit) or pay-as-you-go (debit) card operation with magnetic stripe, proximity or AVI hands free access cards. Automatic credit card billing for cardholder accounts.


  • High speed credit card processing. Ticket-less credit card in / credit card out capability.
  • Image and video processing capabilities. Associates every vehicle or payment event with a picture snapshot.
  • Displays associated images in cards and tickets usage activity reports.
  • Surveillance video management for APP3000 line of equipment with installed surveillance cameras. Surveillance video Internet broadcast.
  • Distributes text messages to APP3000 line of equipment for real time speech synthesis and audio playback.

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